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First posted Aug 24, 2006
Major revision Mar 7, 2015
Last update Mar 26, 2015

Spotted Mountain Horse (SMHA)
A Patchy Star and Deb
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse (KMSHA)
Rusty Man and Bill
"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."
Immanuel Kant
Welcome to HorseHints. It is my hope that this site will become one of your favorite informational horse sites! Please share HorseHints with your friends, too. The following are categories that I hope will be of interest to you. The main topics are in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to browse. You can also use the goggle search. It searches for content on my site, only. The search is located in the upper right hand corner of this index page and another directly below the alphabetical category listing. It is a quick and easy way to find articles that pertain to the information for which you may be searching.

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Art Art - Many Educational Links
Painters and Horses in Art
Deborah Butterfield
Breeds Horse Breeds
Aegidienberger Horse/Gaited
African Wild Ass
Arabian and African Horse Breeds
Donkeys aka Ass, Equus Africanus, Equus Asinus
Donkey vs. Horses in Pain
Fleuve Horse/Senegal
Mali and the Equid (Horses and Donkeys)
Sahel West Africa Horses Mules
Sahel Region of Africa
Sudan Country-Bred/Sudan
Western Sudan Pony/Darfur Pony/Gharkawi or Kordofani Breed
Rare Horse Breeds
Area Horse Trails Horse Riding Areas in DC, Virginia & Maryland
Trail riding in Virginia
Virginia Equestrian Friendly Parks
Eastern Shore Trailride
America's State Park
American Civil War The Horses Role in the American Civil War
Horse Topics, Seminars & Museums Classes, Lectures, Seminars, and Volunteerism
National Sporting Library and Museum

The Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center would like to announce our 2014-2015 schedule of "Tuesday Talks"

March 10th 2015--"Equine Behaviour"/Dr. Leslie Sinn April 7th 2015--"Tools to Diagnose Equine Cardiac Diseases"/Dr. Anne Desrochers

Presentations will begin at 7:00 pm in the library of the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center, Leesburg, Virginia. Please contact Sharon Peart at 703-771-6842 or for reservations or information.

Competitons of All Types Index Horse Competitions
Carriage Horses
Horse Shows
Bob Martin
Conservation Corners Kate's Conservation Articles
Farm Management
Deb's Conservation Research
Farm Management
Cowboys Around the World - 1800's

Cowboys Around the World

African-American Cowboys (Black Cowboys)
Charley Willis/Singing Cowboy

Horse Equipment & Products Horse Equipment and Products
Index/Horse Equipment and Products
Dechra's OSPHOS and Tildren
Facts, Hints, Terminology and Tips Horse Facts, Terminology and Tips
Common Trail Riding Pitfalls
Helping the Grassy Horse

N.M. Horse Processing Plant Wins Permit
Judge Haults Plans to Start Horse Slaughters
Oklahoma Horse Processing Bill Advances
Missouri Location Eyed for Horse Processing Plant
Farrier and Your Horse Farrier Wisdom
Hoof care, bones, hoof problems and your horse.

Suspensory Desmitis (DSLD)
Rocker Toe
Tripping in the Forelimbs

Federal Government Agencies and Horses Federal Agencies and Horses
Feeding Your Horse Feeding Your Horse
Flax and Your Horse
The Wild Horses
Genetics and Horses Horse Genetics
Quarter Horse Genome Project
Horse Genome Project
Horses/Dogs Together Eight Articles
Horse & Cowboy Music & Poetry Music
Appaloosa by Gino Vannelli
Call to Post
Camp Town Races
My Old Kentucky Home/Stephen Foster
Wild Horses/Gino Vannelli
William Tell Overature/Classical
Cowboy Music and Poetry
The Cowboy's Favorite Music

Song Writers and Composers
Foster Stephen/American Songwriter
Rossini, Gioachino Antonio/Composer
Vannelli, Gino/Musician

Horse Humor/Nickers and Snorts Horse Humor
Kid's and Big Kid's Corner Spend quality time together learning and creating

Cowboys Around the World
African-American Cowboys (Black Cowboys)
Charley Willis/Singing Cowboy
University of Missouri/Cowboys Around the World

Kids and Big Kids Historical and Varied
How Do Chameleons Change Color? (Not horse related but really interesting!)
"Photonic Crystals Cause Active Colour Change in Chameleons"
Perfume and Horses

Native Americans (Indians)

Pipe Spring National Monument/Arizona and Horses

Health and Kids Guide for Healthy and Happy Kids!

Laws - Legal Situations and Your Horse The Laws and Your Horse
Equine Legal Solutions
Horse Liability Release
Horse Law Cases
Medical Issues/Horse Health Issues Medical Index
Annual Horse Vaccines
Club Foot
Juvenile Idiopathic Epilepsy in Arabian Horses
Navicular Disease
Sacroiliac Disease
West Nile Virus
Important and Useful Medical Links Below
FDA Basics
Animal Drugs and the FDA
How to Report An Adverse Drug Experience
Report a Veterinary Adverse Drug Reaction to FDA (Form)
Buyer Beware/Purchasing Pet Drugs on Line
Journey of an Animal Drug through Approval Process
Search the FDA Archive
Medical Dictionary
Medical Terms Dictionary
Zoonotic, Vector-Borne, and Enteric Diseases
Reactive Points in the Horse/Video
Treatments for Horses/Drugs
Wedgewood Pharmacy/RX Compounding
Horse Related Places and Events to See Places and Things to See (Horse Related)

New Movie Coming: "Of Horses and Men" opens in movie theaters 3/11/15 around the country. It is a story about the Icelandic Horses but a human story, through equine eyes. It is not yet in the Washington, DC area so we have not seen it. As soon as it is here Bill and I plan to enjoy. Rotten Tomatoes showed that the citics liked it 100% and the audience gave it a 72% rating. We have found that if the critics like a movie usually both Bill and I do, also.

Caisson Horses-1/3 Batallion HHC Caisson Platoon
Goodstone Inn/Restaurant/Middleburg, VA
Middleburg: Sharon Cemetery
National Sporting Library's Museum
NIH (National Institutes of Health)
NIH National Library of Medicine
NIH, The Horse: A Mirror of Man
NIH, Tour the National Library of Medicine
NIH, Tours of the Reading Room and Exhibitions
NIH/Turning the Pages
Anatomy of An Horse
Festival of San Bartolome de Pinares

National Sporting Library and Museum

At National Sporting Library & Museum
Classes and Lectures at the National Sporting Library

Faithfulness to Nature: Paintings of Edward Troye
October 26 - March 29th, 2015
On view at the Museum

Substances Toxic to Horses Plants and Weeds Toxic to Horses
Links Concerning Toxins to Horses
Most Toxic Substances to Horses
Reference Links Involving Horses Useful Links
Horse related reference links to help you with a variety of quests.
Government Tracking of Congressional Bills
Research - Studies and Abstracts Studies and Abstracts
Study: Blue-Green Algae Used for Degenerative Joint Disease in Horses
Effects of enteral psyllium, magnesium sulphate
Donkey vs. Horses in Pain
Satellite Cells aka Myosatellite Cells
Wiley OnLine Library
Thoroughbred Racing Thoroughbred Index
Videos/Slide Shows Dressage Fun Video
Evolution Of The Horse
Horse Slide Show/Sound
Charlestown Racing Slide Show
Horse Videos of Interest
Horse Agility Video
Reactive Points in the Horse/Video
Ski Joring/Sound Our daughter
Swimming With The Dolphins/Sound/Video
Virginia Gold Cup 2007/Sound
Virginia Gold Cup 2012/Hats, hats, hats!
Virginia Gold Cup 2012 Ambiance
Dog and Puppy Tips Many Helpful Articles
Kayaking and Horsing Merge

Places To Go Kayaking
Kayaking and Aquatic Vegetation
Kayaking Birds Seen
Kayaking Abel Reservoir
Kayaking Boat Ramps and Access Points
Bladensburg Waterfront Park/Anacostia River Trail
Kayaking Fletcher's Cove and Boat House
Kayaking Mallows Bay
Kayaking Mason Neck State Park/Virginia
Mason Neck State Park, Virginia/Common Birds Seen/Charts
Kayaking Occoquan Regional Park
Kayaking Pohick Bay
Kayaking Riley's Lock at Seneca Creek/Lock 24
Kayaking Swain's Lock #21, Potomac, MD

Kittens N' Cats Carousel-Gardenia (Our New Kitten)

Image: CopyrightHorseHints.org/Carousel 12 months
Carousel-Gardenia now one year!

Kitten Articles
About Me A Snippet of My Life
Acupuncture/Human & Horse
Gambler's Tribute
Grieving/Death of Your Horse
Some of My Oil Paintings
Nutrition, Recipes & Weight Loss Tips Human Nutrition
Prancercise/Exercise for Humans
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How to Lose Weight
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